CIADA can assist you with everything you need to submit a successful new dealer license application.

Forms Required for New Dealer License

Application – DR2109

FY 2022 License Fee-DR2246

Addendum for each owner, partner, member or officer—DR2109B

Mastery Examination Affidavit—DR2097

Dealer Bond Application

Affidavit—Restriction on Public Benefits for all owners, partners, members or officers—DR4679

Statement of Financial Condition for the applicant and all owners—DR2114

Place of Business – DR 2044

Fingerprints—DR 2197

Sales Tax Application—CRO100AP (11/20)

Dealer Plate Affidavit—DR2640

Dealer/Wholesaler Qualifications & Checklist—DR2248

Other items required for application package:

Pre-Licensing Class Certificate

Copy Surety Bond

Certificate of Good Standing from the Colorado Secretary of  State (if applicable)

Certified Court Documents (if applicable)

Constituent Files Document (if applicable)

Bylaws/Operating Agreement (if applicable)

Trade Name (if applicable)

Business Plan

A copy of lease (if applicable)

Franchise Agreement (if applicable)

Sales Tax License