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Good news on auto theft!

Even though one stolen vehicle is too many, with the additional funding the task force received last year, auto theft is down twenty-one percent. This year they will receive an additional $9,000,000 to implement additional measures to fight this crime. One of the best ways to protect your investment is the State Patrol, who has offered to visit dealerships across the state, at no cost, to look at your security protections and suggest ways to strengthen them. This is a great way to interact with people we need to protect us and gives you the opportunity to ask them how they would help you recover a vehicle taken by someone using fraudulent information. Use this email address to request a complimentary lot review or visit their site for other resources.

Read their manual full of suggestions to implement at your dealership!

Affordable, Customizable Health Coverage for CIADA Members!

The CIADA has worked tirelessly with Mark Harrington and his team to bring CIADA members a unique and affordable health insurance option. Many of the plans offer a $0 deductible and include free Teladoc and over 700 free drug prescriptions. Because of the success, the plan has expanded to 4 other state associations. We are happy to announce that there will be more unique plans offered to allow you to truly customize offerings. Whether you have 2 people or 100, we encourage you to look into this plan. All of the enrollment and leg work is managed by the program, so you do not need to worry about burdening yourself or your staff with health administration. We encourage members to sign up for a short, personal presentation to review the offerings.


Educating Colorado Dealers

Title Training Course
Friday, July 26, 2024
Class from 9:00am to 1:00pm; $99 per person

Online Safeguards Compliance Course
The Federal Trade Commission is extending the deadline for companies to comply with changes implemented to strengthen the data security safeguards. Read the FTC press release here.This course is still available.
$75 for Qualified Individual
$49 for Other Employees
Click here for more information.

Pre-Licensing Class: Prepare Your Salespeople for the Mastery Exam
This is a state-mandated course for independent/wholesale dealers seeking to do business in the state of Colorado.
Every Wednesday, CIADA Office
Click here to register.

We Are Improving Our Community Together

When Executive Director Darla Dakin and Rebekah Cohen attended the 2023 Charity Gala representing Camp Wapiyapi, a free camp for children with pediatric cancer and their siblings, they had no idea what to expect other than a possible monetary donation. On January 10, 2024, Darla and the Camp Wapiyapi Board of Directors were presented a check for $102,000 to help them continue “Changing Lives” of children across Colorado. They are honored to be chosen for this generous donation and want to thank all the donors, sponsors and volunteers who made this possible! THANK YOU! [Click to see more recipients!]

Save the date!

Click for more details!

CIADA Charity Gala Raises $377,511

On November 18, the Used Car Dealers Charity Fund of Colorado raised $377,511 at the Annual Gala where they celebrated their 10th year! The CIADA Charity Fund exists to represent the Goodwill of Independent Used Car Dealers to help Colorado communities with aid, scholarships, and support in order to make a positive difference with families across Colorado.

Gallery password: CIADA23

Our Annual Golf Tournament was a huge success!

Winners donate prize money to Used Car Dealers of Colorado Charity Fund!

Many thanks to the First Place winners who donated their prize money to the Used Car Dealers of Colorado Charity Fund! (L to R) Steven Moreland, Jack Hall, Mike Cintron and Dario Arnautovic

Golf 2024 Betting Hole Winner
Ryan Lorimor, winner of Betting Hole #12, donated his $975 prize to the Used Car Dealers of Colorado Charity Fund! (L to R) David Cardella, Ryan Lorimor, Flor Briones and Mark Weida


Scholarship Deadline: Sept. 16, 2024

Now is the time to take action and submit your scholarship applications. Whether you’re a high school senior preparing for college or a graduate student seeking funding for advanced studies, the opportunities are abundant and waiting to be seized.

Download Scholarship Application Here

Quality Dealer Deadline: Oct. 18, 2024

Since its inception, the CIADA Quality Dealer of the Year Award has come to embody all that it means to be a dealer who is committed to quality, excellence, outstanding customer service, and to making their community a better place for everyone.

Download the QD Guidelines & Submission Form Here

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Lobbying on Behalf of Colorado Dealers!

SPECIAL OFFER: Get a one-time targeted email to CIADA members promoting your products/services for only $975! Email David Cardella.

Be a CIADA Industry Partner

Our website is proven to be a valuable resource for Colorado independent car dealers and anyone looking to get into the business, as they provide access to guidelines, procedures and forms necessary to operate in Colorado. Each month hundreds of dealers utilize to sign up for state-mandated compliance courses, order forms, and find out about upcoming events and more. (Get pricing here!)

Lobel Financial is a CIADA Industry Partner

Recent News, Events & Announcements

Vehicle Exchange Colorado (VXC) Continues to Accept Automobile Dealer Registrations on Rolling Basis

The VXC program helps income-qualified Coloradans recycle and replace their old or high-emitting vehicles with electric vehicles (EVs) by providing approved applicants with a discount on the upfront cost of an EV purchased or leased at an authorized automobile dealer. If you are interested in preregistering your automobile dealer for this program, click here.

Learn More Now

View the 2023 Vehicle Exchange Program Guide
Updated Odometer Discrepancies SOP

Per recent discussions at the County Touchpoint meetings and feedback via a Google survey, the Odometer Discrepancies SOP has been updated effective Nov. 14, 2023. Please follow this version going forward. Thank you for your input.

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