Legislative Voice

Among the many benefits Colorado Dealers have as a member of the CIADA is the voice they have when legislative issues surface that affect the Auto Industry. Every year, there is legislation presented by different consumer groups that could have a negative impact on dealers. Times are changing with the advent of the internet and there needs to be constant evaluation that keeps dealers compliant, and insure protection for the consumer.

The association is present at all the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board Meetings that are held monthly. Over the years, CIADA has been the watchdog when it comes to issues that come before the Dealer Board. The bottom line is that you belong to an association that represents you as a dealer so you can run your business. It is important that CIADA, in conjunction with dealers, meet with legislators throughout the year so that they are aware of who we are as businesspeople providing transportation to many Coloradans. If you have questions, feel free to contact the CIADA office and get involved in your industry.


Having your voice heard is extremely important when dealing with the government. CIADA is your voice at the State Capitol and Washington D.C. where we lobby for and against legislation affecting your business. Our lobbying firm Aponte/Busam watches bills as they are introduced allowing us to formulate a game plan to support or fight the legislation. $75.00 is the requested contribution amount to CIADA’S Political Committee fund, although you can donate up to 625.00 during every two-year cycle. When you donate to the PAC Fund, I guarantee you it has been properly used and the results over the years prove we are working to protect you. CIADA formed their Political Action Committee to contribute money to political campaigns of people who are likely to make decisions that would benefit the members of CIADA. Contributions are not made to any one specific party. The following bills are the result of CIADA’S direct involvement with legislation to protect your business and the Auto Industry.

  • SB 20-140 Powersports and Motor Vehicles Sales Bond Requirements

Prevents the opening of a Dealer’s bond prior to fraud being found.

  • SB19-249 Business Disposal License

Prevents Companies from disposing of their fleet vehicles without being licensed.

  • SB 17-240 Sunset Motor Vehicle Dealer “Sunday Sales”

Prevents motor vehicle Sunday sales.

  • HB 17-1205 Motor Vehicle Total Loss

Prevents clean titles being issued to total loss vehicles except for hail or theft.

  • HB 17-1249 Penalties for Unlicensed Motor Vehicle Sales

Curbstoners, the fines were increased and become mandatory upon conviction to prevent illegal vehicle sales.

  • SB 16-140 Motor Vehicle Dealer Certificate of Title

Provides Dealer affirmative defense when waiting on 3rd party to deliver title on sold vehicles.

  • HB 14-1100 Title Document Brands

Mandates out of State title brands to be carried over to new Colorado titles to prevent title washing.

  • HB 14-1299 Repeal Six Year Limitation on Salvage Brands

Eliminates six year and older Colorado vehicles declared salvage from receiving clean titles due to their age.

If you have any questions, please contact David Cardella 303-239-8000 ext.302

David Cardella
CIADA / CEO in Succession