Legislative Voice

Among the many benefits Colorado Dealers have as a member of the CIADA is the voice they have when legislative issues surface that affect the Auto Industry. Every year, there is legislation presented by different consumer groups that could have a negative impact on dealers. Times are changing with the advent of the internet and there needs to be constant evaluation that keeps dealers compliant, and insure protection for the consumer.

The association is present at all the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board Meetings that are held monthly. Over the years, CIADA has been the watchdog when it comes to issues that come before the Dealer Board. The bottom line is that you belong to an association that represents you as a dealer so you can run your business. It is important that CIADA, in conjunction with dealers, meet with legislators throughout the year so that they are aware of who we are as businesspeople providing transportation to many Coloradans. If you have questions, feel free to contact the CIADA office and get involved in your industry.