Forms Required for Additional Location

Forms Required for Change of Location
Dealer must not operate at new location until you have Change of Location license from the Auto Industry Division. Dealer must immediately notify the Auto Industry Division of the Change of Location.

License Class Change
Dealers must immediately notify the board if they desire to change their class of license.

Forms Required for License Class Change

Name Change
Dealers/Wholesalers must notify the board not less than 10 days prior to the change of license (DBA) name. One copy of the original Bond rider must be attached to the DR 2024 form. This bond rider must amend the principal line to reflect the licensed entity and the new DBA. One copy of the new trade name registration filed with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office must be submitted.

Forms Required for Name Change

Ownership Change
Before proceeding with an ownership change, determine that your change of ownership is not a change of entity. See Change of Entity. Any transfer of any percentage amount of the ownership or membership interest of any corporation, limited liability company, or limited liability partnership, holding a license under the provisions of this article shall be reported to the Board within 10 days of such transfer. To hold an ownership interest in a licensed business entity, the new owner must demonstrate the qualifications necessary for licensing, including a fingerprint-based criminal history record check.

Forms Required for Ownership Change 

Forms Required for Change of Entity

Other Items Required for Entity Application Package

  • Copy Surety Bond
  • Certificate of Good Standing from the Colorado Secretary of  State (if applicable)
  • Constituent Files Document (if applicable)
  • Bylaws/Operating Agreement (if applicable)
  • Trade Name (if applicable)
  • Business Plan
  • A copy of lease (if applicable)
  • Franchise Agreement (if applicable)
  • Sales Tax License

Off Premise Permit
No later than fourteen calendar days prior to the off-premise event, a motor vehicle dealer must submit a completed application form for an off-premise permit.  The board shall reject for filing any application for an off-premise permit that is not accompanied by a remittance in the full amount of the fee for the permit.  The board may reject for filing any application that does not completely satisfy the requirements of the application form and its instructions.

Forms Required for Off Premise Permit

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